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Monitoreo de la Humedad del Suelo

Monitoring soil moisture is available in the station FieldNET using Humidity Sensors and Probes Integrated Plug-&-Play Growsmart ..

 GrowSmart provides a set of hardware sensors increasing plug-n-play, which are the eyes and ears of their field. The Plug-&-Play sensors help farmers to use best management practices that lower operating costs through efficient use of labor, energy and water.

  FieldNET is a web-based way to remotely manage all aspects of irrigation operation platform. FieldNET becomes the management tool that producers rely on to get a summary of the status of operations, provide control quickly and easily and alert conditions that are considered important.

Benefits of monitoring soil moisture

Soil water plays a critical role in the life of plants. They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and to cool themselves. Irrigation has to be applied at the right time and you have to keep the water available in appropriate amounts. When soil water falls below adequate levels, stress the crop develops and leads to loss of both quality and crop yield. Watering more than adequate contributes to erosion, loss of nutrients and increased input costs.

Continuous monitoring can make a difference. FieldNET tracks water levels of local soil and climatic conditions to provide objective criteria for irrigation decisions. This means that producers can make informed decisions to help ensure that irrigation is applied at the right time decisions. Benefits include;

  • Minimizing water stress of plants

  • Maximize the performance potential

  • Reduce operating costs

Monitoreo de la Humedad del Suelo

FieldNET icons provide status at a glance

  • Green Icons represent the soil moisture level is where you want it.
  • Red icons will also warn of too dry or too wet configurable limits.

Text messaging and email alerts keep you informed with alerts sent directly to your phone.

Monitoreo de la Humedad del Suelo

New FieldNET Integrated Soil Water Monitoring

Manage all aspects of the operation of irrigation has never been easier.

FieldNET Mobile (shown at left):

  • Check the condition of your soil moisture field quickly and easily
  • Stay informed of anomalies
  • Make adjustments on the fly irrigation easily

FieldNET Web Portal:

  • Easy graphical user interface
  • Full access to sensor configuration
  • Historical chart run reports and season after season of trends in soil water.